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Welcome to the I.S.S.R~ The Institute for Sexual Self Realization Developed by world renowned sexuality expert, Dr. Patti Britton

Hi, I'm Dr. Patti.

I want you to know me. I've been a leader in the broad field of sexology with an emphasis on sexual enhancement for over 35 years. And, yes, I've seen or heard it all! From clients suffering from a range of sexual or relationship concerns, real sexual dysfunctions or breakdowns, and just plain stuck at the "sexless" or "no touch" stage --- to hungry professionals seeking the right mix and depth of training that embraces the whole person and yet maintains the high quality standards that let you be a master at serving the needs of your clients, patients or students. I've been a professor and trainer for 35+ years, a sex educator, a counselor, and I am a pioneer in the new growing field known as Sex Coaching. In fact, I authored the very first book on the topic--The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice--that is the foundation for my own global online training institute at And I've hosted over 35 couples' sexual enrichment programs, hosted and appeared on hundreds TV, radio and Internet shows and am quoted almost weekly in some form of media. But that's not the end of the story.

I know what you want and need. I too have felt the pain of a sexless relationship, loved and lost, overcome the shifting tides of cultural norms around sex and gender, coped with the ravages of living in the body of a 55+ post-menopausal woman. I've done the dating and long-term relationship thing and know what it means to have true authentic intimate relating and sexual ecstasy.  I've studied from the top gurus in the world on sex, life, love, and pursuit of happiness. And, as I am now coming out to tell, I am the mother of a daughter that lost her 20-year battle with HIV/AIDS in 2004, a tragedy and trauma that has left me changed. From the abyss of such grief I learned what it takes to thrive and live life full-out.

Why ISSR.  I am a healer. I am a knower. I am a huge container for all that you may need:  To grow, to learn, to be led by a master teacher, to be felt and understood to the core of your being. That's why I founded the ISSR, to create a place that leads YOU to the type and high caliber of programs that meet the increasing demands for top quality trainings and education for today's changing world. Want to be with me? Then come on in...come be with me for my many trainings and educational programs that I can offer to you through ISSR.

 I mean it, I am here for YOU.

At I.S.S.R. it is our mission to serve people from all walks of life...
  • Who are hungry for a better quality of sexual expression and pleasure
  • Who are looking for a place to gain accurate sexual knowledge and skills
  • Who are seekers of higher levels for their sexuality to flourish
  • Who are open to new pathways for sexual healing....for themselves or others.
If  you are like most people, you want to expand your sexual potential
             For yourself
                       For your relationships
                                 For your clients with sexual concerns.

I.S.S.R. is the place for you to obtain the highest quality of professional training in clinical sexology worldwide and to explore the best consumer sex education one can find.

If this is you, let's get you started now on your journey to sexual self realization.

With Love and Light,
Dr. Patti Britton
Your Host and Guide

Also visit me at: My home site and at SexCoachU
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